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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this fic, they all belong to their creator. Don't sue me, I just got paid and need the money.

The Melancholy Of Setsuna Meiou
The Diary

Entry 2357.9

Lesbian Roommates too loud again. How the hell poor Hotaru sleeps through this I don't know. Got tired of the shouting and moaning, went into their bedroom and dumped water on them.

Haruka was pissed off. Michiru, oddly enough, liked it.

Entry 2359


One of these days I intend to have a little... talk with the International Astronomers Society. Pluto will be avenged!  

Entry 2411

I wish, I wish, that these children did NOT know I can travel in time. The constant requests get very very annoying.

"No I will NOT let you go back in time and retest your exam, Mina."


"No, crying won't help."


“But Setsuna... the Library at Alexandria!”

“No, Ami.”

“Just one day and a scanner! Just imagine all the books we could save!”


“You're tempted, aren't you?”

“NO, Ami. And leave me alone, please....”

Entry 2461

“Setsuna-momma, where do babies come from?” Hotaru asked.

Setsuna froze, then said the first thing that came to mond. “Ask Haruka-papa,” she said.

“Okay!” Hotaru bounced off cheerilly.

'I am SO evil,' Setsuna sighed, imagining the other woman's likely panic.

To be continued...?
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this fic, they all belong to their creator. Don't sue me, I just got paid and need the money.

Tuxedo Mask and the search for paying work
A Drabble

“Yes! Yes! I have a new part!” Mamoru declared as he hurried inside the temple where the Sailor Moon cast usually met.

“What, aren't you already in Sailor Moon Crystal?” Usagi asked, concerned.

“For five minutes or less per episode,” Rei snarked, “long enough to throw a rose and make a speech, basically.”

“But they're GOOD speeches!” Usagi pouted.

Ami looked at him curiously, “What's the part?”

“I'm even in the TITLE!” Mamoru showed them the flier.

The girls looked at it, then at each other. It was clear they were trying to decide who got to tell him bad news.

“What?” a visibly deflated Mamoru asked.

“Endymion is the space elevator in the Magical Index series,” Ami broke it to him, “not you. Sorry.”

Mamoru slumped, defeated.

Usagi tried to cheer him up, “At least it's a compliment they named it after you!”

“I think I'll just go home, now,” Mamoru left.

“Poor bastard,” Mina said, at least wanting one line of dialog before the fic ended.


“Hey! I never even got a line!” Makoto yelled.

Notes: Group of friends were goofing online about the A Certain Magical Index movie The Miracle of Endymion, inspiring this.

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Hell of a lady AND a good artist. I'd help but I'm broke, pretty much.


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